Saturday, June 13, 2009

spring on the farm

June on the farm

Cheesemaking at Foymount Farm

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ducks, organic feed, cool weather

It's been a chilly spring in the Ottawa Valley. We had a full house at the Wilno Station Inn on the weekend with a group of bikers in town to enjoy country night at the tavern. I took a rare Saturday off to attend a cheesemaking workshop at Foymount Farm. A wonderful day off...a great informative day with beautiful sunshine and interesting people...and a great variety of livestock...Katehdin sheep and horses and the biggest pot-bellied pigs I have ever seen.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday May 31 with a lively fire in the cafe woodstove and snow falling outside on the lilacs. We arrived home at the farm by three pm and had to light the kitchen stove as well. The house is cold and damp without it. The sheep however don't mind the chill and the absence of black flies is a bonus.

On Monday morning we went for a drive all the way to Berwick to check out a place that sells organic animal feed. We are thinking of expanding our current retail business in Wilno to include organic farm and garden supplies and this is part of our research. It was a sunny morning to start off but clouded over by noonish and by the time we returned at four pm it was pouring rain.

The boys were here checking out their cattle and I put my sheep inside early as they were drenched in the downpour. One ewe with a prolapse...everyone else is fine.