Saturday, June 19, 2010

In my farm visioning a few years ago, I saw white sheep in a green field. When I found myself back at my beloved farm, the sheep in my green fields were mostly black. I love my black sheep and never gave the white sheep another thought. But visions are powerful and here are eight white sheep. Their mothers, 29 beautiful pink eared snowy WHITE East-Friesien-Rideau Arcott cross dairy ewes will be arriving this autumn as I prepare to take on my new life as a cheesemaker. (Blessed are the cheesemakers...according to John Cleese).
Sometimes I feel that the important parts of our lives are all set out for us, waiting only for our agreement.

welcome canadian organic growers July 10

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andy and Gillian visited with their new baby...Tom's first grandchild...a beautiful baby and very proud parents! Mia will get an early introduction to the Canadian wilderness as she will be accompanying mom and dad to tree planting! An exciting adventure, I am sure. Next time we see her she will be almost half a year old...

First grandchild: Mia Anne McCullough Cameron